Top 25 AWS Services List 2023 (All Services)

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What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the largest cloud computing platform, offering over 200 universally available resources, from infrastructure to machine learning. These combinable systems are specifically designed to provide maximum ease of use and optimize application performance through content delivery capabilities, data storage, and more.

With AWS, you pay only for the level of support you need, reducing capital commitments and speeding time to value without sacrificing productivity.
After highlighting the top 25 AWS services, we have included a list of all AWS services.You can use the table of contents for navigation.

Why use AWS services?

Leading cloud provider Amazon broke new ground in 2008 with the launch of its first cloud computing service, Amazon EC2. AWS offers more solutions and features than any other provider, with a free tier access to the AWS console, allowing users to centrally manage their services.

AWS is designed to be easy to use for a variety of skill sets and is tailored for those new to software development programs. Deploy web applications in minutes using AWS facilities without provisioning servers or writing additional code.

Amazon hosts global data centers with a massive network that reliably reduces latency around the world. AWS replication capacity allows you to replicate your services geographically, helping you recover quickly and avoid costly downtime.

List of the top 25 AWS services

Now that we’ve outlined some of the reasons why you should look to the future with AWS, let’s explore the options that make this possible. This AWS Service Catalog provides the basics to get you started.

1. Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)

EC2 is a cloud platform provided by Amazon that provides secure and highly adaptable computing capacity. Its purpose is to make her web-based cloud computing easy for developers to access and use, while giving them complete control over their computing resources.

Rapidly deploy applications without upfront hardware investment. At the same time, virtual servers can be launched on demand at scale.

Visit Amazon’s EC2 Page

2. Amazon RDS (Relational Database Services)

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) simplifies configuring, managing, and scaling databases in the cloud. Automate tedious tasks such as hardware provisioning, database deployment, patching, and backups on demand in a cost-effective manner.

RDS is available in a variety of performance and memory optimized database instances and offers six familiar database engines including Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, and Oracle. Database and SQL Server. AWS Database Migration Service makes it easy to migrate or clone your existing databases to Amazon RDS. Visit Amazon’s RDS page.

3. Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

At its core, Amazon S3 facilitates object storage and offers leading-edge scalability, data availability, security, and performance. Large organizations can use S3 for storage and protect large amounts of data for a variety of use cases such as websites, applications, and backups.

Amazon S3’s intuitive management features enable smooth organization of data and configurable access control.

4. Amazon Lambda

Lambda lets you run code without owning or managing servers. Users pay only for the computing time they use.

Run code for almost any application or back-end utility without administration. Users simply upload their code and Lambda handles the rest, providing precise software scaling and broad availability.

5. Amazon Cognito

AWS Cognito maintains a control access dashboard for onboarding users through web and mobile app sign-up and sign-in functionality. AWS Cognito serves millions of users and offers sign-in support with social identity providers such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon, as well as enterprise identity providers via SAML 2.0.

6. Amazon Glacier

The AWS Glacier service is a secure, flexible, and affordable Amazon S3 cloud storage class for data caching and extended protection. These storage classes ensure secure deployments and ensure comprehensive security and compliance features while meeting regulatory requirements.

Users can store for as little as $1 per terabyte per month. Meanwhile, they help you save both up front and long term compared to local servers.

7. Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service)

Amazon SNS is a fully managed messaging solution that provides a cost-effective infrastructure for bulk messaging, primarily for mobile users. Users can chat directly with customers via system-to-system or app-to-person communication between isolated microservice apps.

8. Amazon Lightsail

Amazon Lightsail is an easy way to get started for those starting with AWS who only need a virtual private server. Lightsail has the tools you need to release your product quickly at a low, predictable price.

Resources included in Lightsail are virtual machines, SSD-based storage, data transfer, DNS management, and static IPs. Once your instance is provisioned, you can easily manage it with the Lightsail console, Lightsail API, or Lightsail CLI.

9. Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

Amazon VPC allows you to set up a somewhat isolated section of the AWS cloud that allows you to provision AWS resources at scale in virtual environments. A VPC gives you complete control over your environment, including the option to choose your own IP address range, create subgroups, and place routing tables and network access points.

Easily customize your VPC’s network configuration with flexible dashboard management controls designed for maximum ease of use. For example, a user can launch a publicly accessible subnet for an Internet-accessible web server.

10. Amazon Kinesis

Collect, process, and analyze data in real time using Amazon Kinesis to gain timely insights and act quickly. A key feature of AWS Kinesis is cost-effective processing of streaming data at scale and the option to choose the best tool for your application.

Capture real-time data such as video, audio, application recordings, website activity, and IoT telemetry for machine learning and other apps. Kineses allows users to track, analyze and process data in real-time for instant responsiveness.

11. Amazon Inspector

Inspector provides automated security assessments to improve the security and compliance of your apps deployed on AWS. AWS Inspector automates security audits to find vulnerabilities, breaches, and deviations.

After each assessment, Inspector presents a comprehensive list of security findings, prioritized by threat level to your software. This is available in the User Console or API.

12. Amazon Auto-scaling

The AWS Auto-Scaling solution monitors your apps and automatically adjusts capacity to maintain consistent, predictable performance at the lowest possible price. Almost instantly, application scaling capabilities can be seamlessly configured for different resources across multiple services.

Autoscale has a rich and intuitive interface that allows you to create scaling plans for different assets. These resources include Amazon EC2 instances and Spot Fleets, EC2 tasks, Dynamo DB tables and indexes, and Amazon Aurora Replicas.

13. Amazon IAM (Identity and Access Management)

AWS Identity and Access Management provides secure access and management of your resources in a secure and compliant manner. You can use IAM to create and manage users and groups by granting or denying permissions on individual resources.

No extra cost. Users will only be charged when they use other services.

14. Dynamo DB

DynamoDB is a key-value structured document database that offers scalable performance in the single-digit millisecond range. Dynamo has built-in security with a fully managed, durable, multi-master, multi-region database, backup and restore, and in-memory archive for web-scale applications.

DynamoSB can handle over 10 trillion requests per day and support a threshold of over 20 million requests per second.

15. Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service)

AWS SQS is a fully managed message queuing facility that can scale in isolation for microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications. SQS removes the nuances and overhead associated with managing and operating message-centric middleware, allowing developers to focus on diverse workloads.

SQS allows users to send, store, and receive messages in batches across multiple software without losing message data or requiring availability of other systems. SQS provides two classes of message queues, including standard queues and FIFO queues that provide maximum throughput and ensure that messages are processed only once in the exact order in which they occur.

16. Amazon ElastiCache

ElastiCache is an AWS service that makes it easy to build, run, and scale popular open source in-memory data stores in the cloud. Power data-intensive apps or improve the performance of existing databases by evaluating data from in-memory data stores with high throughput and low latency.

AWS ElastiCache is a popular option for real-time use cases such as caching, session storage, games, geospatial services, live analytics, and queuing. ElastiCache provides fully managed Redis and Memcache applications for highly maintained applications that require sub-millisecond response times.

17. Amazon Chime

Chat, confer, and make business calls using Chimes communication services inside and outside the application. All on one platform. Leverage the same infrastructure and operations as Amazon Chime with voice calling, video calling, and screen sharing capabilities built into the Amazon Chime SDK.

Amazon Chime Voice Connector enables businesses to support inbound and outbound calling capabilities while migrating their telephony workloads to AWS.

18. AWS Athena

Amazon Athena makes it easy to analyze data stored in Amazon S3 using standard Structured Query Language (SQL). Athena is serverless, so there is no infrastructure to maintain and you only pay for the queries you run. Getting started with Athena is easy. Just specify the Amazon S3 bucket that contains your data, specify the structure, and start writing regular SQL queries.

19. CodeCatalyst

CodeCatalyst comes with a suite of tools for Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD), leverages other AWS services, and allows you to connect to other AWS projects through one account . As a collaboration tool, you can onboard new members to your project and easily record all activities or all tests from her one dashboard.

20. Web Application Firewall

AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall) is an online application firewall that protects your web applications or APIs from common web exploits and bots that can cause availability issues, security breaches, or resource consumption issues.

21. AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is a suite of purpose-built tools and features designed to make it easier for front-end web and mobile developers to build full-stack applications on AWS. With Amplify’s web and mobile app backends, even with minimal knowledge of cloud computing, users can graphically build an app frontend, connect apps in minutes, and view Amazon’s her UI You can manage your content outside of .

22. AWS Rekognition

Amazon Rekognition provides computer vision (CV) capabilities that are pre-trained and programmable, making it easy to extract data and insights from images and videos. Quickly integrate pre-trained or configurable computer vision APIs into your apps. No need to build machine learning (ML) models or infrastructure from scratch.

23. AWS QuickSight

Amazon’s Quicksight aims to give every member the data they need, when they need it, to make decisions that move the rest of the organization forward. This cloud-based service is not only easy to read, but can also distribute timely information among organizational members at all levels.

24. AWS Cloudformation

Cloudformation is designed to handle software-defined infrastructure. It is an IT setup in which a developer or operations team continuously manages and deploys an application’s technology stack through software, rather than manually configuring separate hardware devices and operating systems.

25. AWS Management Console

The AWS Management Console gives you everything you need to run your application in a single interface. Providing training, building applications, testing for certifications, training learning algorithms, and more, can all be accessed here.

List of all AWS services

Now that we’ve identified the top 25 AWS services, let’s dive into the other 200+ services that power the AWS ecosystem. To minimize redundancy, we do not include the 25 services above. The AWS services listed below are organized by category.

AWS Analytics Services

  1. Amazon Athena
  2. Amazon Cloudsearch
  3. Amazon Elasticsearch Service
  4. Amazon EMR
  5. Amazon FinSpace
  6. Amazon Kinesis
  7. Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka
  8. Amazon Redshift
  9. Amazon QuickSight
  10. AWS Data Exchange
  11. AWS Data Pipeline
  12. AWS Glue
  13. AWS Lake Formation

AWS Application Integration Services

  1. AWS Step Functions
  2. Amazon AppFlow
  3. Amazon EventBridge
  4. Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow
  5. Amazon MQ
  6. Amazon Simple Notification Service
  7. Amazon Simple Queue Service
  8. Amazon AppSync

AWS Blockchain Services

  1. Amazon Managed Blockchain
  2. Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB)

AWS Business Applications Services

  1. Alexa for Business
  2. Amazon Chime
  3. Amazon Honeycode
  4. Amazon WorkDocs
  5. Amazon WorkMail

AWS Cloud Financial Management Services

  1. AWS Cost Explorer
  2. AWS Budgets
  3. AWS Cost and Usage Report
  4. Reserved Instance Reporting
  5. Savings Plans

AWS Compute Services

  1. Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling
  2. AWS App Runner
  3. AWS Batch
  4. AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  5. AWS Outposts
  6. AWS Serverless Application Repository
  7. AWS Snow Family
  8. AWS Wavelength
  9. VMWare Cloud on AWS

AWS Container Services

  1. Amazon Elastic Container Registry
  2. Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)
  3. Amazon ECS Anywhere
  4. Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service
  5. Amazon EKS Distro
  6. AWS App2Container
  7. AWS Copilot
  8. AWS Fargate
  9. Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS

AWS Customer Engagement Services

  1. Amazon Connect
  2. Amazon Pinpoint
  3. Amazon Simple Email Service

AWS Database Services

  1. Amazon Aurora
  2. Amazon DynamoDB
  3. Amazon DocumentDB
  4. Amazon ElastiCache
  5. Amazon Keyspaces
  6. Amazon Neptune
  7. Amazon Quantum Ledger Database
  8. Amazon RDS
  9. Amazon RDS on VMware
  10. Amazon Redshift
  11. Amazon Timestream
  12. Amazon Database Migration Service
  13. AWS Glue

AWS Developer Tools

  1. Amazon CodeGuru
  2. Amazon Correto
  3. AWS Cloud Development Kit
  4. AWS Cloud9
  5. AWS CloudShell
  6. AWS CodeArtifact
  7. AWS CodeBuild
  8. AWS CodeCommit
  9. AWS CodeDeploy
  10. AWS CodePipeline
  11. AWS CodeStar
  12. AWS Command Line Interface
  13. AWS Device Farm
  14. AWS Fault Injection Simulator
  15. AWS Tools and SDKs
  16. AWS X-Ray

AWS End User Computing Services

  1. Amazon AppStream 2.0
  2. Amazon WorkDocs
  3. Amazon WorkLink
  4. Amazon WorkSpaces

AWS Front-End Web and Mobile Services

  1. AWS Amplify
  2. Amazon API Gateway
  3. Amazon Location Service
  4. Amazon Pinpoint
  5. AWS Device Farm

AWS Game Tech Services

  1. Amazon GameLift
  2. Amazon Lumberyard

AWS Internet of Things Services

  1. AWS IoT Core
  2. AWS Greengrass
  3. AWS IoT 1-Click
  4. AWS IoT Analytics
  5. AWS IoT Button
  6. AWS IoT Device Defender
  7. AWS IoT Management
  8. AWS IoT Events
  9. AWS IoT SiteWise
  10. AWS IoT Things Graph
  11. AWS Partner Device Catalog
  12. FreeRTOS

AWS Machine Learning Services

  1. Amazon SageMaker
  2. Amazon Augmented AI
  3. Amazon CodeGuru
  4. Amazon Comprehend
  5. Amazon DevOps Guru
  6. Amazon Elastic Inference
  7. Amazon Forecast
  8. Amazon Fraud Detector
  9. Amazon Healthlake
  10. Amazon Kendra
  11. Amazon Lex
  12. Amazon Lookout for Equipment
  13. Amazon Lookout for Metrics
  14. Amazon Lookout for Vision
  15. Amazon Minitron
  16. Amazon Personalize
  17. Amazon Polly
  18. Amazon Rekognition
  19. Amazon SageMaker Data Wrangler
  20. Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth
  21. Amazon Textract
  22. Amazon Translate
  23. Amazon Transcribe
  24. Amazon Deep Learning AMIs
  25. AWS Deep Learning Containers
  26. AWS DeepComposer
  27. AWS DeepLens
  28. AWS DeepRacer
  29. AWS Inferentia
  30. AWS Panorama
  31. PyTorch on AWS
  32. Apache MXNet on AWS
  33. TensorFlow on AWS

AWS Management and Governance Services

  1. Amazon CloudWatch
  2. AWS Auto Scaling
  3. AWS Chatbot
  4. AWS CloudFormation
  5. AWS CloudTrail
  6. AWS Compute Optimizer
  7. AWS Config
  8. AWS Control Tower
  9. AWS Console Mobile Application
  10. AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry
  11. AWS Launch Wizard
  12. AWS License Manager
  13. AWS Management Console
  14. AWS Managed Services
  15. Amazon Managed Service for Grafana
  16. AWS Management Service for Prometheus
  17. AWS OpsWorks
  18. AWS Organizations
  19. AWS Personal Health Dashboard
  20. AWS Proton
  21. AWS Service Catalog
  22. AWS Systems Manager
  23. AWS Trusted Advisor
  24. AWS Well-Architected Tool

AWS Media Services

  1. Amazon Elastic Transcoder
  2. Amazon Interactive Video Service
  3. Amazon Kinesis Video Streams
  4. AWS Elemental MediaConnect
  5. AWS Elemental MediaConvert
  6. AWS Elemental MediaLive
  7. AWS Elemental MediaPackage
  8. AWS Elemental MediaStore
  9. AWS Elemental MediaTailor
  10. AWS Elemental Appliances and Software
  11. AWS Nimble Studio

AWS Migration and Transfer Services

  1. AWS Migration Hub
  2. AWS Application Discovery Service
  3. AWS Application Migration Service (CloudEndure Migration)
  4. AWS Database Migration Service
  5. AWS Transfer Family
  6. Migration Evaluator (formerly TSO Logic)

AWS Networking and Content Delivery Services

  1. Amazon VPC
  2. Amazon CloudFront
  3. Amazon Route 53
  4. Amazon PrivateLink
  5. AWS App Mesh
  6. AWS Cloud Map
  7. AWS Direct Connect
  8. AWS Global Accelerator
  9. AWS Transit Gateway
  10. Elastic Load Balancing

AWS Networking and Content Delivery Services

  1. Amazon VPC
  2. Amazon CloudFront
  3. Amazon Route 53
  4. Amazon PrivateLink
  5. AWS App Mesh
  6. AWS Cloud Map
  7. AWS Direct Connect
  8. AWS Global Accelerator
  9. AWS Transit Gateway
  10. Elastic Load Balancing

AWS Quantum Technologies Services

  1. Amazon Braket

AWS Robotics Services

  1. AWS RoboMaker


  1. AWS Ground Station

AWS Security, Identity, and Compliance Services

  1. AWS Identity & Access Management
  2. Amazon Cognito
  3. Amazon Detective
  4. Amazon GuardDuty
  5. Amazon Inspector
  6. Amazon Macie
  7. AWS Artifact
  8. AWS Audit Manager
  9. AWS Certificate Manager
  10. AWS CloudHSM
  11. AWS Directory Service
  12. AWS Firewall Manager
  13. AWS Resource Access Manager
  14. AWS Secrets Manager
  15. AWS Security Hub
  16. AWS Shield
  17. AWS Single Sign-On
  18. AWS WAF

AWS Serverless Services

  1. AWS Lambda
  2. Amazon API Gateway
  3. Amazon DynamoDB
  4. Amazon EventBridge
  5. Amazon Simple Notification System (SNS)
  6. Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
  7. AWS Fargate
  8. AWS Step Functions

AWS Storage Services

  1. Amazon Simple Storage System (S3)
  2. Amazon Elastic Book Store (EBS)
  3. Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)
  4. Amazon FSx for Lustre
  5. Amazon FSx for Windows File Server
  6. Amazon S3 Glacier
  7. AWS Backup
  8. AWS Snow Family
  9. AWS Storage Facility
  10. CloudEnsure Disaster Recovery

AWS VR and AR Services

  1. Amazon Sumerian



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