Splunk Enterprise: A Big Name In Operational Intelligence

Shamim Ahammed
3 min readAug 1, 2019


My experience with Splunk is very fruitful in terms of business operations , client satisfaction with facts and figures generated with this data modelling tool. Splunk is basically a software platform to search, analyze and visualize the machine-generated data gathered from the websites, applications, sensors, devices etc.

Splunk Enterprise Dashboard

which make up your IT infrastructure and business. Splunk Enterprise is a completely included, amazing stage for gathering, looking, observing and examining machine information. Splunk Enterprise is anything but difficult to convey and utilize. It transforms machine information into fast visibility, knowledge and insight.

If you talk about data and machine, then splunk plays vital role. If a machine which is generating data continuously and I want to analyze the machine state in real time, then splunk is one of the best tool to process the real time information be it for system checking or for information analyzing.

Basically Splunk takes in all of your text-based log data, and provides you an easy way to search through it. It started out as “Google for your logs”, but it’s become far more than that, as capabilities have been added. Now you can pull in a wide range of information, and play out a wide range of fascinating statistical investigation on it, and present it in an assortment of configurations.

Your info information can be in any organization for example .csv, or json or different arrangements. You can config Splunk to give Alerts/Events warning at the beginning of a machine state, You can accurately predict the resources needed for scaling up the infrastructure,You can create knowledge objects for Operational Intelligence.The other things that make Splunk so good are its flexibility and speed.

By breaking the application into parts, Enterprises have a great deal of adaptability by they way it is sent. What do you like most about the product or service? The components splunk has makes it best product in market. Forwarders, indexers and Search head makes it very lively and ahead of other tools when we talk about data analytics. Its’s great platform for collecting, searching, monitoring and analyzing machine data.

This tool is easy to deploy and use. It turns machine data into rapid visibility, insight and intelligence.Here Data can be taken in via many different methods — monitoring log files, syslog, TCP, WMI, running scripts, querying a database, etc. Data can be forwarded to multiple indexers, or split, and with that data they use some fairly interesting techniques with MapReduce to store and process large amounts of unstructured data, and still be able to return timely search results.

Enterprises have a lot of flexibility in how it is deployed — e.g. all nodes at a site could use forwarders to monitor logfiles, which then forward to a single forwarder, which re-forwards the data to a central Splunk instance. Or then again the information could remain at each site, and a solitary inquiry head could question numerous destinations without a moment’s delay.

What do you dislike most about the product or service? Main concern comes up with pricing of this tool.The price is well into the “reassuringly expensive” category, and if you have large daily data volumes, it can become very expensive. It’s licensed based on day by day log volumes.

You can make usage of above your daily limit up to 3–4 times per month before it will stop working, so you can manage with short spikes in demand. You can also run a free demo in case you’re utilizing under 500MB/day, and needn’t bother with validation.

If You don’t want to run your own infrastructure, but would like to prefer to access it as a service then Splunk does offer Splunk Storm, a cloud-based version of Splunk, but it’s feature are very limited, and development seems a quite slow which creates a second though among the organization trying to buy it.



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